MS Motorservice International GmbH

Miniload for rapid spare parts supply

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The project / The customer requirement

MS Motorservice International GmbH based in Neuenstadt am Kocher (Baden-Württemberg) is the sales organization for the world-wide aftermarket activities of Rheinmetall Automotive, belonging to the mobility business area of the named technology group. Motorservice is among the leading suppliers of motor components for the free market of automobile spare parts. The logistics center at the company’s base serves more than 1.300 customers world-wide, mainly garages. The company offers high service standards and rapid response times: Upon request, the ordered spare parts are delivered to the garage overnight or within 24 hours. The current market situation however requires changes in the intralogistics. On the one hand garages reduce their spare parts stocks and want rapid delivery. On the other hand the assortment of articles increases. With approximately 2.500 picks per day in Neuenstadt an annual volume of nearly 16.000 tons of material is dispatched in the incoming and outgoing goods departments. Only with manual processes this capacity could no longer be fulfilled. “By automating the storing and picking of small parts we managed to even increase our high service standards and efficiency in order processing and laid another foundation for reaching our growth objectives”, Jürgen Nowack, Head of Logistics at Motorservice, clarifies the reasons behind it all. „The concept for realization of the automated miniload presented by Aberle was most convincing in technical terms.”