Retrofit Implementation during ongoing operation

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The project / The customer's requirement

With the originally built automation components in their Logistics Center in Glauchau Schnellecke Logistics Sachsen GmbH was able to fulfill the high requirements for just-in-time supply of the production lines of Automobilwerk Sachsen for exactly 20 years. The capacity of the eleven-aisle miniload, which has been erected in 1997, has been enlarged in several steps to meet the growing requirements. The conveyor system no longer able to cope with the increasing capacity and throughput requirements, became more and more the bottleneck of the system. On the other hand the well-maintained system components of the miniload still show enough performance, to fulfill the requirements for the next five to ten years. This is why they opted for an automation and conveyor retrofit as well as corresponding optimizations in material flow. The contract for the project was awarded to Aberle GmbH. With an innovative material flow concept, which resulted in a modernization of the entire feeding-conveyor of the miniload, complete redesign of incoming and outgoing goods processing and the installation of state-of-the-art technology concerning PLC-control of stacker cranes and conveyor system.
The comprehensive retrofit project was designed during continuous operation for maximum system availability and future viability. New system components and material flow changes have increased throughput by more than 25 percent which secures for several more years optimized supply of the nearby production plant of one of the leading automobile manufacturers with assembly parts.