Materiálový tok

Material flow systems (MFS) and material flow computers (MFC)

Optimised material flow control for fully-automatic conveyor systems

The material flow system (PMS-M) receives transport orders from a master system, converts these to individual orders for the various system components and optimises the material flow in the plant.

PMS-M responds flexibly to various plant situations, such as faults. It manages signalling points (scanners or RFID), paths, transport units (boxes, pallets, cartons or the like), devices, workplaces as well as buffer or holding sections.

The PMS-M ensures seamless materials handling processes and is the centrepiece of every automatic conveyor system.

Your benefits:

  • Seamless materials handling processes
  • Improved material flow
  • Efficient process management
  • Path-optimised storage and retrieval by stacker cranes, automatic cranes or cross-transfer cars
  • The system responds flexibly to the different plant situations