Aberle becomes Körber Supply Chain Automation

In the past year, we at Aberle GmbH and Aberle Logistics GmbH have been going under a major change with regards to our identity and the way we represent ourselves. As of September 1st, 2020, we are coming together with our sister companies under the brand Körber.

Our and Körber’s activities in logistics have a long heritage, and all Körber companies have been successful for decades with a proven record of projects around the world. Now, all of this ‘know-how’ is housed under one brand.

We will continue supporting you with the highest professionalism and devotion. Additionally, we will expand our offerings and services to include a broader range of supply chain technologies and solutions to conquer any complexity at any step in the workflow – from software to materials handling to integration. As our business partner, you will benefit from the added value we can uniquely provide as single source.

In terms of our business activities, nothing will change. The company as a legal entity will remain the same and all existing contracts, bank details, POs etc. will not be impacted by this change of name. Your day-to-day contact will also remain the same.

The only thing you will notice is our name change on relevant documents. As of September 09, 2020 Aberle GmbH and Aberle Logistics GmbH will change to Körber Supply Chain Automation GmbH. We will need to be addressed as this under all new formal business interaction.

In case you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at any time.


Mark Aberle & Andreas Ebert