Retrofit – modernisation of 43-metre-high stacker cranes

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The project / The customer requirement

To increase throughput and efficiency and to ensure availability of stocks and equipment - these were the demands made by the pressing plant of the car manufacturer BMW in the Lower Bavarian town of Dingolfing when it opted for optimizing its internal logistics by so-called retrofitting, the modernization and renovation of existing system components. In its capacity as a general contractor, Aberle was awarded the contract. To ensure a continuous production supply, upgrading was done with production continuing in normal operation. By using Aberle‘s „Virtual Plant“ planning tool, already prior to project implementation, the whole control technology and IT connectivity could be emulated and specific process characteristics optimized, based on the actual conditions. Result: The implementation of an optimal solution within three months, without affecting the work processes. What‘s more, a modern energy recovery system ensures that energy generated during braking of the SRM and lifting equipment is converted into reusable electricity and fed back into the BMW power grid.