Leica Camera AG

New 1-aisle automatic miniload warehouse

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The project / The customer requirement

Leica Camera AG, international premium manufacturer of cameras and sports optics products with management and production, customer service and logistics, headquartered in Wetzlar in Hesse. The manufacturing conditions at the previous company headquarters in nearby Solms were no longer sufficient to meet the demands of high technology. The company with a long tradition in the optical industry in Germany was faced with the choice of modernising the old manufacturing building or building a new structure on the site of the historical headquarters of the Ernst Leitz company. Based on the designs of Frankfurt architecture office Gruber and Kleine-Kraneburg, a highly modern company building was erected using the latest energy standards. The new company headquarters are heated with geothermal energy. Photovoltaic elements on 10,000 square metres of roof surface cover the need for electricity. At 28,000 square metres, Leica has doubled the previous usable space.

To implement the intended automatic small parts warehouse, Leica sought out an expert general contractor that could offer the required hardware and software for efficient warehouse management and process control. Aberle was awarded the contract for the general contractor project and implemented the parts logistics in the camera manufacturer’s new company headquarters. Warehouse management and process control is now done with the process management system (PMS) from Aberle.