Automated deep-freeze warehouse for bread and baked goods

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The project / The customer requirement

It was its spirit of innovation which guided the traditional baker’s trade into the modern world: Fritz Lieken succeeded in using pasteurization to prolong the shelf life of bread dough. He also introduced steel belt ovens to Germany. These are used for baking large quantities of bread in uniform quality. Today Lieken AG is one of the leading producers of bread and baked goods in Germany. But progress does not stop. Changing market conditions and new baked goods concepts within the business make it necessary to adjust production and logistics constantly.

With that in mind, the group launched an extensive restructuring program in 2014. In addition to moving the administrative center from Düsselsdorf to Dortmund and constructing a new building for the group’s production site in Lutherstadt, Wittenberg, special emphasis was placed on an investment package for the production locations in Brehna, Lünen, and Lüdersdorf. In Lüdersdorf the production lines were expanded, and the necessary storage capacities increased by constructing a new deep-freeze high bay warehouse.

Aberle realized the project as general contractor. Its affiliated company Langhammer was integrated as the supplier for the pallet conveyor technology and palletizing. Comprehensive cross-linked IT processes, continuous automated flow of goods between production and goods dispatch, and the sequenced preparation of goods dispatch have considerably increased the manufacturer’s efficiency and throughput.