P-Well GmbH

Conversion and extension pallet high bay warehouse

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The project / The customer requirement

More customers and growing demand for just-in-time deliveries have exhausted the capacity of the existing high bay warehouse at P-Well GmbH in Berka. An expansion and modernisation of the high-bay warehouse was inevitable. P-Well manufactures 1800 different grades of corrugated board here. The product spectrum ranges from corrugated board sheets and corrugated board packaging to special products like waterproof, coated, solid colour or printed packaging in all types and combinations of cardboard. In the former two-aisle high-bay warehouse, only 7,000 pallet shelf spaces were available.

Aberle received the contract as general contractor to extend and expand the high-bay warehouse, install the required conveyor system and modernise the entire material flow control.

The modern high-bay warehouse was erected in a silo design. With this type of construction, the supports for the shelving system are also the load-bearing elements for the building roof and the installation of the side walls. The expansion of such a high bay warehouse, especially during ongoing operation, presented a few challenges for the system builder.

With the expansion, the capacities were more than tripled and the processes significantly optimised.