Modernization during ongoing operation

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The project / The customer requirement

Robert Bosch Elektronik GmbH is one of around 440 subsidiary and regional companies belonging to Robert Bosch GmbH. At its Salzgitter location the company produces primarily electronic control devices for the management of diesel and petrol engines as well as gearbox controls, diesel theft-prevention systems, rotation angle sensors and the automatic proximity control system that is being integrated by vehicle manufacturers all over the world. The engine control devices and battery systems roll off the line of the Bosch factory continually. On top of this, this main plant supports Bosch factories in the business division of vehicle technology all over the world. Salzgitter is therefore home not only to production, but also to several centers of competence, prototype construction and a testing workshop.

Any limitation or interruption in supplies for production for the purposes of rebuilding the warehouse was simply out of the question for Robert Bosch Elektronik GmbH. The decisionmakers at Bosch therefore decided on a comprehensive modernization project, which was to be realized in three construction phases and whilst operations remained ongoing. Over the last two years, Aberle’s step-by-step implementation of a comprehensive modernization project has updated the intralogistics in the production and distribution warehouse of Robert Bosch Elektronik GmbH, with operations ongoing.

The plant, which is almost thirty years old, now boasts the same efficiency as a comparable new installation. Performance was immediately boosted by 60 percent.