Schenker Deutschland AG

Combined retrofit and new construction Project for the automotive industry

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The project / The customer requirement

After the announcement of a new BMW model, the contract service provider Schenker Deutschland AG in Eching had to realign its services to the car manufacturer. Schenker is taking on the entire upstream management of incoming goods for assembly in the Munich works. The automated miniload was nearly 10 years old and could no longer meet the requirements. As main contractor, Aberle GmbH was awarded the contract for a combined retrofit and new construction project. Because of the close timing of processes, a high level of performance, system availability and process reliability are required in the warehouse. Based on an intelligent design concept by Luy & Partner, specialist planner for logistic systems with headquarters in Wiesbaden, within a few months, during full operation, Aberle put into effect a warehousing solution which increases the storage capacity of the logistics services provider by more than 60 per cent and has increased performance by 80 per Cent.