General Contractor & System Integrator

Perfect Solutions without Compromise

As general contractor, we develop and realize innovative, holistic concepts for our customers. With competence, long-standing experience and the highest quality and service standards, we offer customized solutions for future-oriented products and manufacturing, as well as cost-effective internal logistics, which, for our customers active in many different industries, translates into more sustainable success.

Characteristic for our customer orientation is the high degree of individualization of the implemented technology, which is flexibly tailored to the specific requirements of the warehouse goods and the operational structure of our customers. Our extensive experience with projects of all sizes in nearly all industries makes us a competent and reliable partner for every assignment.

System integration with a high degree of individualization of the implemented Technology

We are specialists for individual solutions in system integration. At the same time, we offer own industry solutions. For our customers, we assume the planning, installation, project management, configuration and maintenance of complex IT systems. Within the context of an analysis, we develop recommendations to optimize our customers’ Systems.

Range of services

  • Planning and realization of straightforward to highly complex Automation projects
  • Development of technically and economically optimal, customized system concepts in collaboration with the customer
  • Complete execution from a single source for smooth workflow
  • Own value added in control and IT Automation


  • Process optimization
  • Uniform user interfaces
  • Minimal training effort
  • Swift implementation and system completion