Sustainable performance with Körber Supply Chain Automation – modernisation from the initial concept through to commissioning

As experts in upgrading existing plants, we improve the performance of existing intralogistics structures and implement our modernisation concept in short retrofitting times without any major impairments to your logistics processes.

We develop your efficient, customised plant concept in close cooperation with you. The retrofit that follows can also take place gradually during operation.

Our upgrades help you structure your production area and intralogistics more transparently while simultaneously reducing plant costs as well as identifying additional savings potentials.


  • Capacity expansion
  • Streamlining measures
  • Increase in efficiency and productivity
  • Energy saving and increase in efficiency with energy management
  • Unit and process cost optimisation
  • Replacement of outdated technology
  • Increase or maintenance of availability
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Multi-client capability of the warehousing system
  • Improved material flow control, warehouse management system and organisation
  • Better communication between systems, such as ERP and the warehouse management system for material flow control
  • Updating the documentation


  • Seamless overall process from a single source
  • Possible gradual implementation
  • Installation/Retrofit during operation
  • Conversion to SAP