Shortened Commissioning

VirtualPlant: We shorten commissioning time through real-time emulation

The commissioning of any automation solution is a sensitive process, in which the perfect interaction of all involved components and control functions is tested – and possibly important optimization potential becomes apparent.

The real-time emulation we have developed with VirtualPlant significantly speeds up the commissioning procedure. Because VirtualPlant offers the possibility to test the overall process, including all components and the actual response behavior of the real system. The best possible conveyor technology layout is designed using this innovative tool, with real-time inclusion of the existing and involved IT and control units, already before commissioning. This minimizes time and costs.

Learn more in our brochure "Aberle VirtualPlant".

Range of services

  • Connection via the I/O signals of the real automation system • Connection via the actual field bus system – or via comparable systems
  • Real-time execution shows the actual response behavior (real-time communication)
  • Transmission of the automation software without modification from the virtual system to the real system
  • Reproduction of movement sequences in the behavior visualization
  • Cost savings through significantly reduced commissioning time


  • Import of customer data (e.g. Excel) during the emulation process (simulation of the data storage)
  • Communicates with the SPS control unit and emulates the SPS inputs and outputs (sensors & actuators)
  • Emulation of complete material flow of the system (tracking packages/palettes)